INFOSHADE is efficient point of sale tool being educational and interactive at the same time. INFOSHADE is printed on tear resistant material and this is why it’s extremely durable, designed to last up to 10.000 activations. The card header is laminated for durability.

When rolled INFOSHADE takes minimum space but after unrolling it, offers a large information and advertising surface. After viewing, the shade automatically retracts to create a compact unit ready for the next customer. INFOSHADE is ideal used at shelf edge, directly on products, integrated into other point-of-sale displays or placed on furnitures, desks, glass surfaces, etc.


✔ Unique communication tool
✔ Compact and extremely durable
✔ In 3 different sizes available
✔ Offers large information and advertising space
✔ Automatic retract of the printed shade

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